Doing this is all about doing things differently...

Not every single thing. Just some things. Things that can put you back in charge of your life. No more meandering and plodding and yeah-but no-buts. Put you in control. Get your life moving forwards

So, What I Do

So, what do I do?
Well, I love, absolutely love, finding stuff out – how something works, how I can make it better, easier and more efficient. Anything and everything.

I honestly feel that we overcomplicate our lives. We focus on stuff that doesn’t really matter and ignore the stuff that does. The stuff that moves us forward. I used to work for a company where the simplest of things were made into fancy Powerpoint presentations that served no purpose. I used to refer to it as ‘making it fluffy’. Now, don’t get me wrong, fluffy has its place in the world. But there’s a big difference between making the best of something or merely rolling a turd around in some glitter.

I love, love, love seeing people happy and living their best lives.

And that’s my passion, helping people figure out what they want and how to go about getting it minus the unnecessary fluff.