Hi, I’m Chris. I help people decide what they want and how to get it. Simple, straight forward, no nonsense coaching that gets results

I would recommend Chris to anybody thinking about or already looking for a “life coach”
My experience with Chris is centered around my career path; although having experienced Chris’ no nonsense, logical and methodical approach to decision making together with his personable and easy manner I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking advice or guidance in any aspect of day to day life.

Warren Williams

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris over many years. His approach to no-nonsense coaching has allowed him to consistently deliver value in my sessions with him and I would, without hesitation, recommend you seek him out, if you are looking for that person that can truely make a difference to your future.

Seek him out now…Might be the best thing you do this year!”

Richard Gray

But its always been that way…..

We very often don’t challenge things. Our beliefs, our habits, our routines, our relationships or how we communicate. Sometimes these are the very things that hold us back