Honest coaching for people who want to make a change

Hi, I’m Chris, and I offer simple, no nonsense coaching for people who know it’s time for a change. People like you. Together we’ll help you find your happy and live a life less ordinary.

Chris has given me the motivation and  the confidence to pursue my goals. He has helped me realise that I am important and to accept my own doings and stop blaming others for the problems that have arisen over time.

I use to feel overwhelmed, but Chris helped me see through the clutter in my life, by breaking it down which made even the simple things in life easier to deal with. Before this I felt with things, but not in a way that I do now with the tools that I have received by working with Chris.

I owe Chris a great debt, I was unsure about a coach vs cost at 1st, but after realising and having my eyes open and being able to think clearly I can see that it paid itself off time and time again.

Shea Doran

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris over many years. His approach to no-nonsense coaching has allowed him to consistently deliver value in my sessions with him and I would, without hesitation, recommend you seek him out, if you are looking for that person that can truely make a difference to your future.

Seek him out now…Might be the best thing you do this year!”

Richard Gray